We Trained, We Complained, We Conquered

This year’s half marathon training was not exactly as fun or as problem-free as last years (which was our first), it certainly had its highs and lows, but in the end we were both proud of how we raced and had fun (sort of) doing it.

This year’s race was unfortunately on a Sunday morning instead of a Saturday morning so we had the entire weekend to dread look forward to it.  We actually spent Friday night up at the Boeing in Everett for the Tauber Annual Alumni event, taking us on a tour of the final assembly plant and the new composite wing factory before sitting down to talk to two VPs at Boeing, whom both graduated from Michigan (one in Tauber and the other before Tauber existed).  Bryan came with, knowing one of the VPs names and we both enjoyed being in the company of two important execs and were impressed with their generosity in sharing their time and knowledge.  The head honcho even came to Mukilteo Lodge with us after the tour for the Tauber hosted happy hour.  After the impressive and insightful tour and happy hour eats and drinks Bryan and I headed home to begin our lounging time in preparation for Sunday’s race.

All that we really accomplished on Saturday was making pancakes, buying mulch and looking at grills at Lowes, stopping at four home open houses, picking up our race packets at the Expo, and then having a filling pasta dinner at home while trying to get to bed at a decent hour for our very early wake up call.

The 5 am alarm came soon enough and both of us were up and in motion.  We got dressed, made a light breakfast, packed some race snacks, filled up on water and coffee, put on our race numbers and headed out via scooter.  The race start was at Husky Stadium at the early hour of 6:30 am so fortunately that was an easy one for us to get to.  We scootered just south of the Montlake Bridge, walked/jogged to the gear check to check our bag, scarfed a banana, did a little stretching, surprisingly found Andrew without trying to wish him luck, and were in Corral 6 for the on-time start.

The first 8 miles of the race was very known territory for Bryan and I.  Running from Husky Stadium, through the Arboretum, before heading south along Lake Washington Boulevard, through Madrona, Leschi, past the I-90 bridge and then cutting west through Gennessee Park and Bryan and my first date location!  From there we were taking all the fuel they were passing out and were ready for the 3 mile slight uphill slog heading north on Rainier Avenue.  Uninteresting portion of the race in my opinion so I just tuned all sights and sounds out.  I also can’t really remember a band playing along this portion but maybe that was because all I could think about was that I was starting to lose energy and was ready to be done.  But I was looking forward to reaching Mile 11 and seeing Angela and the kids, whom even handed us our water.

I’m actually somewhat smiling in this photo.

From that point on we were in the home stretch, a nice break of a downward grade before finishing with a slight spiral loop up, then back down for our sprint to the finish.  Bryan and I managed an average pace of 8:30 minutes/mile with a screamer the last mile of the race.  Just the way to do it.  My goal was a stretch at 1:55 and we ended up coming in at 1:51 so I couldn’t be happier with how we performed.  Bryan and I came in 1135 and 1136 place out of the 10,760 half marathoners (just short of the top 10%) and I came in 61 out of 1,112 people in my division (just short of the top 5% for females between 30-34…I’m guessing).

Post race, both Bryan and I were a bit woozy getting our medals and all of the drinks and food being handed out at the finish line, despite having a bunch of fuel and water along the race.  We found a place to sit and stretch and we both immediately got pretty stiff.  With all of our snacks and our gear we made the short walk to the light rail to catch the train back up to the UW to get the scooter.  This worked out pretty well and were soon back home where we both took nice long baths in epson salt to soothe sore muscles and warm our bodies back up (it was only a high of about 60 through the time we finished the race) and melted into the couches until we heard word about Andrew’s finish of the full marathon.

We headed over to the Dodd’s for a post-race breakfast that Angela made us of a great pepper, potatoes, sausage and bacon hash with fried eggs, fruit salad, and mimosas.  My body was quite pleased with everything and afterwards we headed home to let Andrew sleep.  We spent the rest of the day incapacitated on the couch, I had a great talk with Dad and Grandaddy for Father’s Day, watched the movie Gold, made another meal of pasta and enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream to celebrate.  My body enjoyed every minute of sleep Sunday night.

Monday was a bit rough waking up, walking from the bus stop, and simply working.  But evening came around and the four of us met back up at The Capital Grille for a mystery shop dinner for four (simply unheard of), sharing calamari and a $100 bottle of wine and each savoring a delicious and expensive steak as a reward.  My 14 oz New York Strip au poivre with a cognac cream sauce was mouthwatering and I balanced it out with all the great roasted veggies around the table.  I think I ate most of the flourless chocolate cake, no surprise there, so I was stopped upon leaving dinner.  A very rewarding night after our race.

Fill me up buttercup


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A Weekend With Amy

This past weekend we had another guest staying at Casa de Miller, that being Miss Amy.  After a very full day at work on Friday Bryan and I went for a nice post-work run, cleaned up, and then headed to the airport to pick her up.  After the pick up we headed straight to Ballard for dinner at San Fermo, an adorable Italian restaurant with housemade pastas, good wine and a cozy atmosphere in this converted house.  I loved this place and our roasted fig bruschetta appetizer, sangiovese wine, and slow roasted pork and tagliatelle.  All three of our pastas were delicious and I really enjoyed catching up with Amy over dinner.

Saturday morning we all got going late in the morning.  Amy was going to get brunch with Polly and Bryan and I ended up joining in for brunch.  We went to Bing’s in Madison Park for a filling brunch, Bryan and I collected our race entry bibs and shirts for the next day’s 10k run, and Amy and I changed before heading out to get our nails done.  A few hours spent getting pampered was a nice treat before walking downtown to shop at Zara, Nordstrom, and elsewhere.  We ubered back home quite exhausted and Amy decided she needed a night relaxing so Bryan and I headed to our friend Drew’s backyard gumbo fundraiser party just the two of us.  A lot of friends were at the party which was fun and even better than the gumbo were the southern banana pudding, magic bars, and s’mores cookies that finished the meal.  Bryan and I left the party to get back home to Amy just before 10 pm where we all spent the night on the couch.

Sunday morning Bryan and I were up around 7:30 am to get some pre-race fuel before leaving for our usual running course.  The Shore Run is something my company organizes every year and Bryan and I both signed up to run this year.  We needed a little more mileage so we decided to park in the middle of the course and took 2.5 very slow warm up miles to the race start.  We had enough time to stretch, get some water, meet up with the rest of the team, and cool off before the actual race started.  It started promptly at 9 am and after just about a minute Bryan and I were able to find our running space and fell into a solid 8:10 minute per mile pace.  We kept this pace most all of the way and were feeling pretty good.  The temperature was perfect for the race and we were used to this course.  We kept pretty solid up the one and only hill and from there with only about 1.5 miles left we picked it up a tad more with our last mile well under 8 minutes and we finished at 50:00 exactly.  We were both pretty pleased with our times and felt like we gave it our all but also felt pretty good after.  We walked around the post-race party, getting some snacks and waters, said goodbye to my coworkers and began our cool down walk back to the scooter, stopping for lakeside stretching in Madrona.

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  We reheated pizza for lunch and ate that on the back deck, soaking up the sun in the pleasant weather.  I replanted my tomato plants into pots and we worked on the Ragnar logistics a bit.  Amy returned from her morning adventures and snacked on nachos with us on the back deck.  When Amy’s VRBO was ready we drove her around town to get the keys to the place and then dropped her off.  We stopped at Grocery Outlet for flowers to plant and groceries but neither of us had a plan for dinner so we stopped at Lotus Thai to pick up pad kee maos to take home.  The rest of the night we veg-ed out to TV.

This week we’ve been able to have two meals at home (yeah!), went for our last run before the half marathon, and enjoyed playing volleyball with my coworkers on Tuesday night, winning 4-1 and treating ourselves to a filling dinner of ramen afterwards.

It was good to catch up with Amy and see that she is doing well.  This month is still a relatively busy month for us so it’s good that we still had a bit of lazy time.  And thanks to our landlord for hiring a service to help us with de-weeding and landscaping our yard.  That was the BEST treat on Monday.

No more weeds!


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June Already?!?

This past weekend was a wind down for Bryan and I which was much needed but still didn’t seem like enough.  It started with a late night at FareStart for us, talking with our friends and getting home around 11 pm again.  It was a great dinner by Ethan Stowell and one Bryan and I both got to food run for with Andrew and Angela.

Friday was a typical day at work for both of us but glorious weather had us quickly lounging on the outdoor sofas after work, catching up with Jeff before taking a short walk to Neighbor Lady for food.  Oh Neighbor Lady, how I love you so!  Their special of the week was a seared scallop dish on a bed of chorizo, spinach and garbanzo beans in a rich and bright romesco sauce that was out of this world and a steal for only $15.  $15 for a plate of scallops!  To round out my meal was two games of Ms. Pacman.

My delicious dinner, courtesy of Neighbor Lady

This hearty dinner and bowl of ice cream set me up for a 12 mile run Saturday morning with Andrew.  This was an organized group run for our Ragnar team but all of our Ragnar teammates were out of town for the weekend, so alas, the three that have been running regularly all met up at Gasworks Park for two laps around Lake Union totaling 12.1 miles.  It was great weather for running and our heart rates were kept low going at a pretty easy pace but worry set it for me when I realized to set my “goal” time for the half marathon would mean running one full mile more in the same amount of time, yikes!  Not sure that’s going to happen.  I’m okay with just beating my previous two times, which I have already forgotten what those were, but even that feels like a stretch right now. I’m really just trying to get in under two hours again.

But anyways, we finished 12 miles before noon, headed home and made a big breakfast scramble for protein and nourishment.  I then took a nap and felt OUT OF IT exhausted, we cleaned up, and then we set out for Copal in Pioneer Square to meet back up with Andrew and Angela.  They were treating us to a dinner they won at an auction for us helping them out with the house and dog sitting.  We each got two drinks (margaritas and Mexican-styled Manhattans were fantastic) and shared a ton of food; watermelon salad, chicaronnes, tacos done three ways, brisket and pineapple, trout cooked in tortillas, guacamole, grilled onions, fried cheese and green salad.  We were stuffed and washed it all down with two shots of tequila.  It was a great dinner with some friends we haven’t gotten to see much in the past several months.

So Sunday we were destined to be useless.  We made it to church and almost completely did a U-turn when we realized that it was the table conversations.  Thankfully we stayed and I enjoyed the relatable stories from two couples married for over 50 years.  After church we headed back home to make lunch before lounging around and napping the rest of the afternoon.  After being extremely lazy we decided to go for a fun walk through the Arboretum and even brought the Frisbee to toss around a bit.  We somehow managed to get our steps in before heading home for dinner of chicken enchiladas before settling in for another week.

This week Bryan has knocked off quite a bit of accomplishment already; haircut, Jeep fixed, windshield replaced, took care of the dishes, watered the tree, and is now the owner of a carry-around jump starter and a multimeter.  I went for a hot run after work on Monday before getting my last of three facials which was wonderful.  I had a volleyball game with my company on Tuesday night in Greenwood in great weather.  After the game Billy and Valerie invited us over to their house for an impromptu dinner, knowing that I was in the area, and we enjoyed catching up with them before heading home after 10 pm.  Wednesday night I took Bryan with me to enjoy his first monthly Community Dinner at FareStart.  Back to FareStart tonight for a sold-out night with a fancy restaurant and then tomorrow we have our monthly staff meeting and then Amy is in town for the weekend.

I just found this funny that I am on the ad for the barre class that I used to go to. That’s me in the pink.


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Guest to Guest

Poof time flies by so quick sometimes.  I have been so busy trying to get my station done for our internal review for this Friday that I haven’t had a moment to recap at all.  And there is quite a bit to recap.

Lon and Trish’s Visit:

Not more than 24 hours from getting back from Santa Barbara we were lucky to host Lon and Trish for four nights.  Straight off of their vacation from Hawaii we got lucky with some sunshine and warmer weather for them.  We spent the first night at home with them, Bryan made us all steaks, and we caught up on their vacation and life in general.

Thursday night we all dined at FareStart for a four-course chocolate-themed dinner by Portage Bay Cafe.  We enjoyed the lamb, scallop and ice cream quite a bit and caught the graduation.  Friday night was another relaxed night of going to our favorite Thai restaurant for pad kee mao before heading home with Redbox in hand.  I did not stay awake for the full movie but there is no surprise there.

Saturday morning we were awakened by sunshine and smells of bacon wafting from Bryan’s kitchen.  He made us his usual, and always wonderful, banana pancakes and thick-cut peppered bacon.  Early afternoon we took the Millers to Seward Park with us so they could enjoy a walk around the park while we ran our 10 miles.  It was perfect weather for a walk/run and we all met back at the car later.  Being that it was such a nice day, we cleaned up and headed over to Eastlake Bar & Grill to enjoy their patio and views out on Lake Union.  We had a great dinner and then moved down to Pioneer Square to catch Gabriel Rutledge (Chubby Jesus) for his always-funny comedy show at the Comedy Underground.  I think we all got some good laughs out of his performance.

Sunday was their last day in Seattle and we started the day off with church service.  After church we made our way to the ferry terminal and caught a gorgeous ride across the Sound to Bainbridge.  We drove to Poulsbo, managed to get a parking spot amidst the crowds of Viking Fest and found a great outdoor balcony table at our favorite Europub, Tizley’s.  One family platter to share plus saeurkruat, “yes, please”.  So much food and so much fun to people watch.  We all left stuffed, too stuffed for ice cream but up for a walk through the fair.  After we had seen the sights we got back in the Jeep and drove south, over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and got Lon and Trish to the airport for their trip home.  It was a great long weekend with them and I really enjoyed everything that we managed during that time.

Week In Between:

I tried to get in as many bike-to-work trips that I could.  On Wednesday night I decided to challenge myself with a long ride home, heading north around Lake Washington, taking the Sammammish River Trail to the Burke Gillman and all of the way to Husky Stadium, which at this point I was already nearly 30 miles in and put the bike on the bus to take me up the hill to our house.  Bryan ubered to work and took the bus to downtown (Jeep needed a start) so I picked him up downtown on the scooter and we opted for an impromptu Ethiopian dinner at Queen of Sheeba in Capitol Hill.

We enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable dinner that Polly fixed for us as a picnic at Gasworks Park on Monday night in the glorious heat.  It was so nice for her to do that for us and it had been forever since I had been to Gasworks.  The city has changed so much in six years!

We were back volunteering at FareStart for a relatively quick but delicious dinner from Stoneburner.  Braised short ribs, a rhubarb shortbread and an amazing snap pea salad.  Friday was a short day for me and Bryan took the day off to relax at home (smart move Bryan!).  My day ended at noon when my cohort went to King Street Bar for lunch and beers before moving onto Temple Billiards for more beer and pool.  I was a decent shot at pool and was certainly feeling the beer by 3:30 pm when we all left.  Sun was out and Bryan came to pick me up before we walked to get Thai takeout from Lotus Thai and ate on our patio. Then we anticipated our next guest’s arrival.

Rachel, Max and Quinn’s Visit:

Friday around 9:30 pm, the other Millers pulled into the driveway.  Rachel and Max are currently on their way to their new home in Alburquerque and so this was their last visit to Seattle before they move.  We caught up before heading to bed.  Saturday morning Bryan was back at making his breakfast of choice for our guests.  After breakfast we set out for Pike Place.  We walked along the waterfront, then the market, got to-go cups of Ellenos Greek Yogurt then headed by car to Lake Union.  Bryan, Max and myself went for our first ever paddleboard ride and at least Bryan and I quite enjoyed it.  The weather was perfect for paddleboarding and the lake was full of boat and seaplane activity.

After our lake adventure a few of us needed a nap and a few others needed some snacks.  We headed home for both.  After rested and refueled we drove to West Seattle, along Alki and up to Seattle Fish Company for a really great seafood dinner.  Bryan and I had to taste a bit of everything so we got the grilled halibut plate with veggies, one piece of fish (cod) and chips, and the crab cake with salad.  Great meal and even better when finished up with Menchie’s frozen yogurt.

Sunday morning the Millers had plans to meet up with another cousin of theirs, whom live in Tacoma.  They ironically picked a brunch spot 1/2 mile from us so we decided to join them and walked with them to Cafe Flora.  We had a great meal in the airy restaurant before saying our goodbyes and heading back home.  At this point in the day it was HOT!  No long run for us.  That would have killed us.  Instead, after much dillemma, we decided on a long shaded bike ride north to Bothell to get dinner.  Around 4:30 pm Bryan and I were ready for the ride and took the Burke Gilman all of the way to the Anderson School for a patio dinner at the North Shore Lagoon and Pub.  Great dinner we did have; Asian inspired salads for both of us with some great seared ahi tuna and sweet potato fries and a cider.  After a long relaxed dinner we hopped back on the bike for the return trip home, totaling 35 miles roundtrip.

But Monday morning we had to wake up and do our long run for the weekend.  Fortunately Monday was a bit cooler, or at least took a lot longer to warm up.  We were still able to have breakfast at home and digest before we took the scooter to Mount Baker Beach to begin our 10 mile run.  We ran at a very slow pace so that our tired legs could manage the run.  We did surprisingly well and really enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We stopped at home for books, snacks, sunscreen and our swimsuits and headed back out to Madison Park where it was difficult to find a place to lay out our towel.  We spent nearly two hours people watching, sunning and reading.  Finally our weekend was coming to an end.  I had to restock on groceries and made a feta and spinach stuffed chicken dinner for us that we enjoyed to our current Netflix obsession, The Keepers.

It’s been a whirlwind of events lately but all great and I just am so glad that spring/summer is finally here!


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Cali Getaway

Mom and I had our SB trip this past weekend and it was fantastic!  SB as in Santa Barbara, not Spring Break, though it was a spring break for us in a way.  From Friday through Monday Mom and I lived it up in the California sunshine, driving in our sweet Camaro with the top down, enjoying the catch from the sea, each other’s company and some great adventures.  I already want to go back!

Friday morning we each flew to LAX, each arriving slightly delayed thanks to a runway undergoing construction.  But in our car and on our way down Highway 1 we were off shortly after noon.  Our first stop was for amazing fish, shrimp and pork tacos from a cute little food truck in Santa Monica.  We dined al fresco at the neighboring Ralph’s grocery store, where I later realized I left my purse for the weekend.  But all was good as it was a “safe neighborhood” and some kind soul brought it to the store where I claimed it several days later.  So sans-license we continued our drive down the coast to Santa Barbara, checking into our cute hotel for three nights at the Brisas del Mar.  Our king room was spacious and nice.  We were stocked with a bottle of bubbly and were informed of all of the perks that were offered by the hotel.

Our first task was to enjoy the wine and cheese hour which had just begun and which we indeed enjoyed all three nights we were there.  We sat on their terrace with wine and cheese and conversation for just over an hour, but an hour too much for some horrendous tan lines.  We changed and set out on foot to the beach, then to State Street to do some shopping, me buying a fedora-like hat and sunglasses, before getting hungry for dinner around 7:30 pm.  Since our one mystery shop in Santa Barbara was just around the corner we decided to do that and boy was it a delicious meal and good ambiance.  We savored some fantastic brussel sprouts, a kale salad, sea scallops with avocado, beet relish and grapefruit, and braised short ribs over a parsnip mash and broccolini.  We decided on the simple peanut butter chocolate local ice cream for dessert and left full and happy and walked back to our inn for the night.

Saturday morning Mom came in the room with breakfast in hand.  She got quite the selection from the continental breakfast and we enjoyed this at our leisure in the comfort of our room and in PJs.  But by 9 am we were at the front desk ready to get our free bike rentals and hit the trails.  We were lucky to get 5-speed cruiser bikes and set out again for the beach.  First 2 miles were leisure riding but not before long were we huffing and puffing up a steep and curvy incline on Cliff Dr.  We stuck to the designated Coast Route, not really sure where it would take us as we had done very little research on our ride.  This took us through horse pastures at Hope Ranch, then back down to a creekside trail, through neighborhoods, and then finally spitting us out at Goleta State Park where we took a quick break to enjoy the views and restroom.  We continued another mile or so up to the cliffside campus of University California Santa Barbara.  We found a marine reserve where we watched the surf lessons and enjoyed more sunshine.  We hopped back on the bike to the nearby campus spot of South Coast Deli.  We each enjoyed an amazing kale salad that was huge and went well with the local IPA that we split.  We took our time, soaking up the sun and enjoying our meal.  We took a different route back to Santa Barbara and ended up completing a 30-mile loop.

We returned our bikes and set out on foot to the beach to get in some R&R with our books and try to fix our tan lines to no such luck.  We made it back for the tail end of wine hour but also popped the bubbly and enjoyed it while showering and changing for dinner.  We waited for the sunset at Stern’s Wharf as well as for dinner at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company.  We finally got our outdoor table on the wharf and decided to share the shrimp bisque, the local rock crab, and crab cakes.  All of the food was so so but eating on the wharf was fun to do.  We came back to the hotel to hot tub before calling it a night.

Sunday morning started much the same as the day before.  After a quick bite Mom and I each set out on a 4 mile run along the waterfront.  It was busy but enjoyable to see the sights.  We met back at the hotel, enjoyed some coffee on the terrace and then set out on foot for our Mothers Day yoga class.  The yoga studio was much farther than we thought so we made it to State Street and then got smart and caught the $.50 electric shuttle a ways.  We made it with plenty of time to set out our mats before class started.  The class was good and tough, especially after a run, but loosened us out nicely and we left feeling better than when we came in.  Feeling good we set back out on State Street, shopped a bit, then got lunch at a cute cafe next to the theater.  We sat on the patio and shared another crab cake dish, carrot and parsnip soup, sweet potato fries and salad.  Everything was very good and we had a great people-watching spot.

Fantastic lunch in the sun.

We made our way back to the hotel to enjoy a little bit of relaxation time at the pool.  It also happened to be wine hour.  Dinner on Sunday night was at the Cadiz restaurant for tapas.  We had a great table outside under their space heater and decided on three tapas; grilled octopus, steak kabobs, and sea scallops with pesto.  All three were well cooked but had very interesting combinations of flavors.  We enjoyed them but were too full to order anything more.  We walked to the Yogurtland nearby to use the coupons we had from the hotel to enjoy some frozen yogurt as a treat.

Our only time sunbathing at the pool

Monday morning was our last day in Santa Barbara and we decided to wake earlier and hit the hiking trails.  We fueled up on breakfast and made the short drive to the trailhead of the Romero Canyon Trail.  We had decided on this 10 mile figure eight loop as it was supposedly less crowded, a little more of a hike than the others, and with good views of the coast and mountains.  And that it was!  The entire way up was very gradual and enjoyed the coastal views throughout much of it.  We found a great lookout that we stopped briefly to share a snack and some water before continuing on.  At 7 miles we took a wrong turn which ended up adding about 2+ miles to our trip and led us on an interesting and narrow trail back to connect to the main one.  Once back on track we worked quickly back the steeper way to the car.  At this point we were over an hour late for our checkout so we quickly packed, showered and changed to get out quick.  Which we did.

We hadn’t seen the Mission so we drove to that, also saw the beautiful Courthouse before getting on the freeway.  Stop #1:  Best fish tacos and veggie tempura from this awesome place in Ventura, CA.  Stop #2:  Latte from Starbucks in Ventura.  Stop #3:  Ralphs in Santa Monica for purse.  Wrong Ralphs.  Stop #3:  Ralphs in Pacific Palisades.  Right Ralphs and collected purse.  Stop #4:  Beverly Hills.  Once in Beverly Hills we strolled Rodeo Drive, window shopping and being all girly, taking pictures in a rose booth and whatnot.

At 7 pm we found our way to the bar at theBLVD to begin an epic mystery shop.  Mom had the perfect manhattan and I got an old fashioned and we observed the clientele.  At this point we made the connection that we were in the hotel from Pretty Woman.  Awesome!  At 7:30 we were ready for our dinner reservation and were escorted to our table.  From this point on the night was magical.  More crab cakes, an awesome salmon dish, sea bream, cauliflower, and then a chocolate dessert to beat all other chocolate desserts.  We left so full we could hardly manage.  We made our way to our airport hotel, quickly changed into our comfy clothes, and hit the hay.

Our early alarm went off and we were up and moving.  Mom graciously dropped me off at the airport for my 6 am flight before she returned our ride and headed back to the airport to catch her flight at 7 am.  It was a wonderful trip and one that I will remember for a long time to come.  I love my mom!!!



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T Minus Two For Takeoff

I have just two more days to get through before I can hang with Mom over Mother’s Day Weekend…very excited!!!  Last week went pretty quick and this week has as well.  We had a pretty busy end to the week and weekend and a nice and lazy Sunday, just the way I like it.  We’ve also finally had a dose of good weather with some sunshine and a couple 70 degree days.  It has been a long time coming!

We had FareStart community dinner on Wednesday, FareStart GCN on Thursday, the Mariner’s game against the Rangers on Friday night, a long run on Saturday, split ways Saturday night to attend two different events, went to church on Sunday morning before walking to get brunch, and then settled in for some R&R.

The Mariner’s game was our first of the season and we asked Bryan’s childhood friends, still new to the area, to the game with us.  It was one of their first times out of the house without their kids and they were excited and we had a really great time talking to them.  It was a chilly tonight towards the end and the game went into 13 innings tied 1-1 before the Mariner’s finally lost 3-1.  It was a frigid scooter ride home but we enjoyed the game, the company, the beers and our poke bowls.

Doning my beard hat.

A good night for the game if not a little cold.

Our run on Saturday was fantastic!  Cool temps but sunny skies, opening of boating season, and lots of people out to enjoy the weather.  We ran together, me doing 10 miles and Bryan finishing at 13 miles.  We both felt great and were really pumped to enjoy a good run.  I went from sweaty and in running shoes to dressed up and ready for the Construction For Change banquet that Marika and Randy bought a table for.  Meanwhile Bryan went to Jeff’s birthday party at a brewery in Kirkland where he enjoyed the Boeing group, beer and BBQ.  It was great to see Marika, whom I hadn’t seen since before Christmas, and it was an enjoyable dinner, wine and presentations for the benefit.  Even though Bryan wasn’t my date for the night he still dropped me off and picked me up which was really awesome of him.

So Sunday was more or less lazy for us.  Another fantastic service on relationships at church and then home to drop off the Jeep and walk to St. Clouds in Madrona for brunch.  After much debate I got the fish and chips and Bryan got the chile verde burrito.  The rest of the day was spent sunning (!), cleaning, weeding, making a Thai dinner, and watching TV.  Typical!

I have my 100% progress print for my station on Thursday before I head south to California for the weekend with Mom.  Before then I also have a long run I plan to get in, we are dining at FareStart with a recent retiree of Bryan’s group, and a Yelp event on Tuesday.  I also have a few appointments and packing so its a week to not waste time!

Old fashioned for me.

Some great food to start at the Yelp event!


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F x F x F

This past week has felt busy and a lot of that business has been with FareStart, Family, and Friends.  Since Bryan got home we’ve had one social event after another.

Tuesday:  FareStart Volunteer Appreciation Party.  All our FareStart friends, wine, beer and lots of tasty treats.  Bryan and I also each won raffle prizes, including a Starbucks gift card and a Whole Foods gift card.  We took this picture of the Guest Chef Night crew at the end of the night.

GCN Crew at the party

Wednesday:  Bryan helped me make an awesome steak dinner at home before enjoying a lazy night in.

Thursday:  FareStart with Sky City at the Needle with a new POS system to learn that sure tested my patience.  Dinner was delicious halibut, vegetable gateau and a rhubarb tart.  We stayed until nearly 11 pm talking with friends.

Friday:  Bryan and I had a nice dinner out at the Bookstore Bar and Cafe.  We share some very interesting and delicious courses including an amazing chicken and paneer curry with naan, tingly duck with apple noodles, and asparagus with miso butter.  Plus a couple delicious cocktails and we were stuffed for our scooter ride home.

Saturday:  We slept in!  After a lazy morning we left to pick up Bryan’s parents from the airport during their stopover on the way to Hawaii.  After picking them up we got a great seafood lunch at Wally’s Chowder House south of Seattle in Des Moines.  Their crispy fish tacos were really great!  After lunch we walked on the Des Moines Creek Trail, which was super pleasant and refreshing despite the weather still being quite cool.  We walked out on the pier and the beach before dropping them back at the airport.  Bryan and I then went for our long run of the weekend.  I ran 8.5 miles while Bryan ran 10.5 miles.  We showered, refueled, and then headed over to Stephan and Ewelina’s to celebrate Mark’s birthday with cocktails and food.  It was good seeing all of our friends again and reminiscing over childhood.

A nice afternoon with the Millers.

Sunday:  We made it back to church for their new topic on relationships which was an interesting topic for us both.  After church we quickly shopped in Macy’s for a new black shirt and pants for Bryan before heading home to have lunch of potstickers and for Bryan to get his Class 12 permit for serving alcohol for FareStart.  I spent a little time in the garden and before I knew it, it was time for us to leave for the FareStart Flourish event which we were volunteering for.  We walked there to get our steps in and were quickly educated on the responsibilities of the night; setting out wine glasses, pouring wine, clearing the wine glasses, all for the five different tasting courses of the night.  Diners were paying $750 for the dinner, wine and meeting Jacques Pepin and all the other famous chefs so there was a fair amount of pressure on good service.  What we didn’t know was that they were basically going to abandon Bryan and I on the top floor for the night so we were on our own for 30 some odd people.  It was a busy and exhausting night and by the end of it we demolished a few of the Potbelly sandwiches in the volunteer room, without even caring if there was the possibility of trying the chef’s menu and Ubered home.  It was a cool event to see and cool to see such a famous chef and it was good knowing that we were so vital to the event running smooth at all but man was it exhausting.

The famous Jacques Pepin.

It was a busy weekend for sure and I wasn’t quite ready for the awfully cold and groggy Monday at work.  Thankfully Monday and Tuesday are uneventful days aside from the beginning of Bike to Work Month.  Warmer weather ahead!


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